Outer Space Exiles Confidential, Episode 4

In this episode of OSE Confidential we announce an important change to our name, tell a cautionary tale and give you a free legal advice :)

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The Back Story

You all have been waiting for this, haven't you? When we say "captivating back story", we seriously mean it. After all, what kind of award-winning writer would I be if I can't come up with one, eh? :wink:

Outer Space Exiles back story

The Milky Way. Our beautiful galaxy. A massive spiral spread over 100 000 light years in diameter. If you look closer, you might see Orion Arm. Another spiral shaped concentration of dust, gas and space debris, some 10 000 light years long. And boy, is that a mesmerizing beauty. Orion’s Belt, Orion Nebula, Dumbbell Nebula, De Mairan’s Nebula, the Pleiades, the Ring Nebula along with Betelgeuse, Rigel and many other known and unknown space objects shine in their full glory.

The Solar system resides within Orion Arm, in 300 light years long local bubble, located more than 26 000 light years away from the Galactic center. Third planet from the sun is called Earth. And for so many millennia was home of the Human race.

But as beautiful the Earth is and as much as we love it, it’s just a planet. The case with planets is, they tend to have resource limits. And one better be prepared before resources are depleted.

And prepared we were. In a way. It all started with global depopulation. Steadily and silently through various measures Global Government brought it down to just under 1 billion in a matter of 160 years. But it was already too late. And it became apparent great part of us need to go.

Preparations went on for few further decades and ships full of colonists began departing in search for new places to settle. First we got rid of convicts, criminals and felons. Then it was turn of poorly educated, poorly skilled, unemployed, marginals, chronically sick, elderly, retired. To build fit and sustainable society you need to scrap the misfits, ain't that right?

Right it was for Global Government, whose agenda for the next three decades focused on mass inbreeding of remaining genes with the ultimate goal to produce stronger, smarter, healthier and more capable generation of humans. An idea as sick as desperate.

It wasn’t long before this generation also headed for the stars. In the end it was just the Global Government, their bureaucratic apparatus and some 20 million support personnel to operate all the facilities, who remained on Earth. Concept was simple. Colonies will send ore to Earth for reprocessing and Earth will back them up with finances and technologies and provide logistic and military support.

And so most of the humans were set apart in known and unknown parts of space. Through our journey we met new life forms, encountered unknown species, lived through cataclysms, deprivation, illnesses and everything else space decided to throw at us. And it is not surprising a great deal of us did not make it. Once mighty Human race has quickly shrunk to mere 630 million.

Meanwhile it turned out the inbred “perfect” generation were not the toughest species around. The criminals and misfits first exiled in space were. Like cockroaches they have survived through everything. By the time first ship with inbred colonists set for the stars, they have already had formed their own alliances, set their own territories, researched their own technologies, found their own artifacts, dug their own precious ores and started a war against their own kind. Against the ones who watched their ships departing happily clapping hands they are getting rid of the scum of the Earth. Celebrating and rejoicing purity. Poor bastards.

For the most part Global Government would not take part in the conflict. They were sitting happily back on Earth, enjoying the peace and calmness that suddenly settled on it after centuries of social madness. They also wanted everything the outlaws had discovered and were willing to keep their eyes closed as long as there is steady flow of it. To Global Government the outlaws were just a business partner. And it wasn't of much importance if the business partner is leading a crusade at other colonists as long as the business keeps going.

Same old story, different day under the sun.

So, ladies and gents, prepare to join team bad ass and show them lousy inbred pansies and Global Government who's the real bawse of Orion Arm.

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FPG Confidential, Episode 3

In the third episode of Fat Penguin Games Confidential, a couple of philosophical issues are addressed.

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Thoughts about the gameplay

It's been some time since we announced our game, but what remains semi-undisclosed to this point is what kind of game it is and how do you play it.

To answer it, we need to lay some back story. A back story about differences in people. In us two, more specifically. While we are both huge fans of sci-fi games we are also sitting on different planets when it comes to our favorite game genres. So how is it even possible us two to even sit together and lay a concept that will not only make us both happy, but will also captivate others' hearts and minds?

The key here lies in a philosophical conclusion of my own based on analysis of certain events in my life. And it sounds like this:

Differences in people can only lead to enrichment and enlightment, while similarities tend to put critical thinking to sleep.

Outer Space Exiles started as a very vague concept in December. Smas wanted to make a game and needed someone to take care of design part. Being fascinated by games for my entire life and trying to get involved into this for so long, I immediately jumped on the train, as we have had many, many talks about games and gaming in the past two years since we know each other. And so it began.

First thing to clear was if we go 2D or 3D. We decided to roll heavy and chose 3D.

Quad at dusk

Then we started working on our concept.

You will have a limited number of colonists. Each and every one of them with their own personality, abilities and mind. That’s right, every single colonist has their own identity that determines their life path, decisions and behavior. No two colonists are ever the same. And since they are so complex and basically the core of gameplay, they also interact and communicate with each other!

You will also have several shops, where you can produce weapons, shields, medkits and even vehicles for your colonists. The workers and troops in your colony will work on contracts you assign them, like patrolling an area or attacking enemies with a bounty and then purchase items available in the shops with the money they earned.

Colonist communication

And here we come to your role in all this. Your job is to supply the colony and colonists with everything they need – blueprints, weapons, items, vehicles, drugs, anything. If you do this properly, your colony will prosper and withstand just about anything. If not, well, there are many different scenarios for the end of your colony. I hope you won’t take this lightly, as in reality keeping the colony in order won’t be as easy, plain and straightforward as it might sound. You need to take good care of your colonists since you don’t want the loyal and developed part of them to die because they are poorly equipped or leave your colony because you fail to meet their demands.

To wrap it up. The answer to the opening question sounds like this: Outer Space Exiles is one of a kind mixture of economic simulation, RTS and RPG done in 3D, set in a sci-fi environment, backed with unique graphics and captivating back story, where you play the bad guys. And since we have no clear clue how and where it classifies, we also tend to call it genre-defining saga. That’s what it is to us at the very least.

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FPG Confidential, Episode 2 is out

Yo, we just released our second video of the FPG Confidential series. This time I went to the nearby mountain of Vitosha in search of inspiration and cool textures. See what happened.

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Our First Video

Hey, it's procopy again.

We just launched our first video. Contrary to what you might be expecting, it's neither game based, nor devblog. Instead it's the first episode of our short documentary series Fat Penguin Games Confidential, where we will blab about the development process, life, weather, food, music and everything else our ugly mugs might want to share with you.

In fact these shorts are part of our bigger project The Making of Outer Space Exiles. It's a full-scale documentary that will be released shortly after the game goes public. Lots of shooting coming in the next months and hopefully we will be able to get a proper camera.

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Devblog 1: Planets and Day/Night Cycles

About OSEAbout OSE
Outer Space Exiles is unique RTS (Real Time Strategy) title inspired by games like Total Annihilation and Dungeon Keeper. Build your colony on a distant planet, but beware. You are never alone out there in outer space! Take good care of your colonists in order to survive what faith is going to throw at you.

Hello there,

This is Ivailo aka procopy, the Game Designer of Crooked Rocket Studios' newest game Outer Space Exiles.

This is my first development diary in which I want to show you some of our work on the game environment, maps and models.

Outer Space Exiles gameplay is based on large distant planet maps. There will be dessert, lava and ice worlds, planets with wild and unseen vegetation and moons that have been struck by asteroids for millions of years.

Our first world, which was inspired by the Moon, will give you a good impression how these maps will look and feel.

Day and night

Essential part of the gameplay are day and night cycles, so you better bring your flashlight if you want to survive in the dark!

Our alpha is planned for May and since there is still some time to go, here are some nice shoots of our game engine for you to enjoy! Also expect our videos shortly. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel too.

Drifters and tank


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